Driving a new era of Strategy that is both Engaging and Effective!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHEDSay goodbye to the traditional Strategic Plan and hello to an Engaged Organization Impacting your Community.

Strategy is about creative conversations and decisions. Not sticky notes or documents.



Community Development

Economic Development

Thriving Youth and Families

Human Dignity


Vision, Mission, Values

Needs Assessment 

Voice of the Customer

Outcomes & Performance Measurement

Annual, Mid and Long-Term Planning

Work Plan Integration

Annual Reporting

ServicesHow it works?

Phase 1Envision & Strategize.

Is your VISION compelling?

Mission Accomplished builds strategy that your team can’t help but embrace.  From there we look at the current reality to better understand needs that exist to reach your vision.  Finally, we uniquely determine the key strategies to create sustainable effective change utilizing tools such as the Balanced Scorecard and Visual Dashboards to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Phase 2Plan & Implement.

Does your daily WORK align to your STRATEGY?

Once we have identified core strategies, it’s critical to embed them across the organization.  We’ll work with you to determine the projects and programs necessary for ongoing success. We provide a project management expertise to equip your organization for impact.  Once completed, it’s crucial that all projects are integrated fully into your employees work plans in order to be successful. 

Phase 3Measure Success.

How do you know if you’re SUCCESSFUL?

Utilizing various methods and tools, we rely on information and metrics to help you understand your organizations performance. More importantly, our focus in on the short, mid, and long term impact you’re having in the community.  After gathering the necessary data and elegantly displaying it, we help you understand trends in your data to enable you to make the strategic decisions necessary to move your mission forward.

Phase 4Tell Your Story.

Do your stakeholders know your STORY?

ENGAGEMENT! It’s what you want and your story is what brings engagement from funders, volunteers, staff, and even from you. Those who care about your vision want to know if your work counts and is it possible to realize the vision. Telling compelling stories that are backed up by measurable results let’s them know that you can make it happen and gives you the opportunity to tell them how you they can help!


We are plugged into your community and will work to ensure you are connected to other organizations, programs, and leaders with similar goals in ways that contribute to your mission. Through ongoing support and social connections, we work hard to ensure that you experience immediate and ongoing success to maximize your ability to accomplish your mission.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Vision. Strategy. Impact. Story.Believe in Change

Simplified Complexity, Human Development, Community Collaboration

Joshua Green is a champion for creating an integrated community in Colorado Springs community that is friendly and engaging. He holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Notre Dame, is passionate about the nonprofit sector, and has worked across organizations such as Cheyenne Village, United Way, and Compassion International. He’s worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors in strategic roles for over a decade and leads collaborative conversations through Connect!COS.


We at Mission Accomplished envisions a world where vibrant communities are filled with whole and healthy families, youth and seniors who are supported and valued. A world where the vulnerable are treated with dignity and there are resources for everyone to meet their basic needs.


Mission Accomplished collaboratively build sustainable high impact social change organizations.

Be the game changer!

We need your help to make the community a better place!

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